Hammond Home Maintenance Inspection

You take your car in for regular oil changes and winter checkups. You wouldn’t think about skipping your six-month teeth cleaning appointment. You may not enjoy your annual doctor’s physical (who does?), but it’s always circled on the calendar and you attend it religiously.

But what about your house? Doesn’t it deserve the same regular review from a trusted professional?

The fact is that home inspections are not just for home buyers and sellers. Many homeowners benefit by bringing in a certified home inspector – like those at A-Pro – for what is known as a “Home Maintenance Inspection.”

Home Maintenance Inspection in Hammond

Why a Home Maintenance Inspection?

Because homes change over time: heating and cooling systems wear out, plumbing leaks develop, wood-destroying insects invade, roof materials lose their effectiveness, foundation cracks form, grading settles, gutters fail, walkways become uneven, siding pulls apart, and a host of other concerns.

Your inspector can detect problems in their early stages before they blossom into major expenses. The goal is to arm the homeowners with valuable information that enables them to keep the home in the best possible condition while helping to prioritize needed repairs and prevent surprise system failures down the road.

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What makes it different than a standard inspection?

The Home Maintenance Inspection can go even beyond a comprehensive 500-point foundation-to-roof inspection because the home inspector, with permission, can gain access to areas not available during a visual-only inspection. The inspector will report on the state of all major systems (1,800 components in all), as well as highlight the need for immediate repairs, note items that require maintenance today or will likely require maintenance in the coming year, list areas that need to be monitored, and indicate safety problems that warrant swift action.

How often should you have a Home Maintenance Inspection?

A-Pro recommends that this service be performed by a certified home inspector at least every three years, though extenuating circumstances may prompt more frequent inspections. Many people have found this to be an invaluable service for aging parents who can no longer devote the time and energy to home maintenance.

To hire a certified local A-Pro Home Inspector in Hammond for a Home Maintenance Inspection, call 1-985-277-9890 or schedule an inspection below.

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