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A certified inspector will visually examine hundreds of parts of a home, from the foundation to the roof and all areas in between. It’s how you, as a potential homebuyer, can make your purchase with greater confidence. The exterior portion of a home inspection covers a great deal of what you will need to know about the home’s overall condition, including the eaves, soffits, and fascias. While often overlooked by home shoppers and homeowners alike, these three elements of a structure demand a detailed inspection by an experienced professional.

Eaves are the edges of the roof that overhang the building. The siding underneath the rafter tails is known as soffit. The narrow vertical boards that connect the ends of the rafters and the soffit are called fascia. Both soffit and fascia boards have valuable functions in a roof system, including protecting the wood underneath from water and wind damage, keeping water and wind out of the attic and roof space, and supporting the home’s gutter system (fascia).

The Best Home Inspection in HammondWell-maintained soffit and fascia boards prevent raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, bees and wasps from getting inside the home. Further, eaves, soffit, and fascia play critical roles in directing rainwater away from the home and out of the attic space. Soffit and fascia boards are most commonly made from vinyl (or other composite), aluminum, OSB siding, hardboard, plywood, fiber-cement, or wood.

Here are a few of the issues the certified home inspectors at A-Pro Home Inspection will report on when examining eaves, soffit, and fascia:

Home Inspector in HammondWood Rot: Roof and flashing leaks, ice dams, clogged gutters, and other factors can cause wood rot. This can lead to damaging water penetration and allow critters easier passage to take up residence in your home. The home inspector may also note mold and mildew on soffit boards. Staining and streaking may be indications of water damage.

Home Inspection in HammondClogged Soffit Vents: This can contribute to poor airflow between the roof and the attic, resulting in mold growth, ice dams, and other conditions that can compromise the integrity of the roof. When the attic gets steamy during the summer months, these vents help to release heat.

Hammond Home InspectionOther Issues: The home inspector will check for loose or missing pieces, soffit and fascia boards pushed away from the walls, and mechanical damage.

Due to their location, inspectors may be limited to the extent they can inspect eaves, soffit, and fascia. Your home inspector will inform you of these limitations if they apply. An inspection of a home’s eaves, soffit, and fascia is just one part of an A-Pro 500-point home inspection.

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